overcoming fear’s paralyzation

Someone recently asked me, “how did you overcome crippling anxiety”?
My answer: “First and foremost, by renewing my mind with the Word of God. And then, mostly by doing the things I was afraid of.”
In my quest for fearlessness, I noticed that even when I believed all of God’s promises for my life, He didn’t always remove the things I was afraid of. In fact, sometimes, it felt like He gave me a perfectly timed shove … straight into them. (Gah!) But why?
Is God just insensitive to our fears? Or slow to keep His Promise to protect us?
No, not at all. He just happens to know a heck of a lot more than we do about how fear works in the human heart. He knows that fear PARALYZES us, and if we give in to that paralyzation and stop moving, FEAR WINS.
He knows that fear has one main motive: TO STOP US.
Did you ever see fear’s paralyzing grip on your kids? I have. Many times. One example more on the lighter side is one I call the “ranch story”. When my daughter was younger and we ate at fast food places, she was afraid to go up to the counter and ask for more ranch dip for her chicken nuggets. She would say, “Mommy, will you please go ask for more ranch for me?” I would say, “Ohhhh, no sweetie, but if you want more ranch, you can go ahead and ask. I’ll watch you from here.”
Now, this girl loves her ranch dip. But she would say, “Nevermind.”
Despite her love for and desire for ranch, the fear of approaching a stranger and being center of attention paralyzed her. We had to go through this exercise several times. I don’t remember how many … a lot. Until one day, she wanted that ranch bad enough that she TOOK ACTION IN THE FACE OF PARALYZING FEAR.
I knew from the start, if she couldn’t ask for ranch sauce, she would never have the confidence to do the much harder things life will demand of her. Now, she is old enough to apply for a job. Soon, she will have to sit through an interview. Soon after that, she will be working and she will be the one kids are asking for ranch. She will be on the other side of her fear. Literally!
I hated to see fear stop her, and for her to feel like I wouldn’t help her. But what I hated MORE was the possibility that fear would stop my girl from becoming the glorious, confident creation she was created to be.
That’s the way the Father looks at us when fear stops us dead in our tracks.
He says, “No, I’m not removing this discomfort–because this isn’t who you were created to be. I’m right here with you; watching while you face it head on. And when this is over, when you are on the other side of this fear, you will be bolder, wiser, and more glorious than you already are.”
Friends, it’s time to face our fears. It’s time to push past paralyzation and TAKE ACTION. I heard a great quote recently that motivates me to do just that. I’ve been chewing on it a lot lately when I find I am afraid.
“The devil has no idea what to do with a fearless Christian.”
I don’t remember who said it, but, WOW. I want to be that Christian! Billy Graham said it this way:
So, believe God!
Step out in Faith!
Confound your enemy!
Take action when everything in you says “FREEZE!”
Be a Christian that the devil just doesn’t know what to do with!
On a quest for fearlessness,

the cure for fear is … fear

Weird, right? I know. Stick with me for a second. It’ll make sense in a bit.
This is a fearful time. It’s practically tangible when you’re talking to people about what’s going on in the world right now. We are all dealing with fearful thoughts about the well-being of loved ones, sickness, quarantines, death, closing businesses, finances. the economy, and even toilet paper!
I confess I have wondered, “Where will I get toilet paper if we run out?”
All these thoughts are overwhelming and it seems to be getting worse. Businesses are closing and events are canceling. Kids are home from school. More measures are being taken every day to limit our exposure to each other to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Hold on … I need to stop here and say this: The real problem we’re dealing with right now is NOT the Pandemic. It’s Fear. Because …
Fear is fear, no matter what the circumstances.
What do I mean? I mean that it doesn’t matter so much WHAT you fear, it’s the FEAR itself that’s your problem, not the thing you’re afraid of. It could be cancer, bankruptcy, divorce, depression, or Coronavirus, and your mind and thoughts will act in the very same way. Irrational. Panicky. Unstable.
I know this. I have lived most of my life as a VERY fearful person.
In my quest to banish fear in my life (still on it by the way, because fear is a bugger!), I found many, many verses in Bible that tell me NOT to be afraid. Then I stumbled across one that says I SHOULD EMBRACE FEAR. (What?) But not just any fear … certainly not ALL fear. It says I should embrace just ONE kind of fear; the kind of fear that BANISHES all others.
The Fear of The Lord.
Proverbs 19:23 says, “The fear of the Lord leads to life, and whoever has it rests satisfied; he will not be visited by harm.” Why does it say that?
Because whatever you fear, you will bow to. Whatever you bow to, you are subject to. Would you rather be subject to FEAR and all it promises, or subject to God and all He promises?
To remove fear’s tyranny from our lives, we must fear (honor, revere, bow to) The Lord.
This is how we live without fear of anything else! FEAR is the cure for FEAR. I love how Oswald Chambers says it:
Friend, bow before The Lord today and pledge your fear, honor, reverence, and service to the One who promises you can rest satisfied and unharmed. Then encourage those around you to do the same, because “the Fear of The Lord leads to life,” and God knows we need more of that in this world!
Bowing to The Lord,

you were made to be this


You were made to be an advertisement. Yes. YOU. Look at what Ephesians 1:19 in The Passion Translation says! God wants you, your life, and your story to advertise HIS IMMENSE POWER to a lost and powerless world.

As I chew on this and apply it to my own life, it helps me to think of some other words for advertisement. Think marketing with me:


Now think bigger! What is the biggest commercial spot in all of TV broadcasting? That’s right. We were made to be like spiritual Superbowl commercials – to show off the greatness of our God while all the world is watching!

The thing is … we can’t be that commercial if we aren’t experiencing the immeasurable greatness of His Power in our own lives! If we aren’t even believing Him to show up in His immense power for us, how will the world know He can do it for them?


Friend, stop thinking about the reasons God can’t or won’t do mighty miracles in your life. Stop thinking He only does that for other people. Ephesians 1:19 doesn’t come with a parenthesis that reads “except for (fill in your name here).” Stop thinking your problem is too big or too hard for God. Those are His favorite ones!

Instead, start telling yourself HE WANTS TO do mighty miracles that display His immense power to this world and He created YOU to do it through! He’s going to find SOMEONE to display His power through … why not you??

Say this with me, “God wants to do mighty miracles that display His immense power and He wants to do them through me!”

Let’s take Ephesians 1:19 literally. God does.

In His Immense Power,

hidden figures, profound lessons

Last night Scott and I watched the movie, “Hidden Figures” for the first time. I LOVE this story and I am blown away by these history-making women! What patriotic heroes they are!! These women helped the U.S. put the first American in orbit and subsequently, the first man on the moon! This movie beautifully displays the value of EVERY human being and especially demonstrates the importance of us acting as AMERICANS and humans, not as specific races or genders.

Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan’s stories are such profound and perfect testaments to why racism & sexism are totally unjust, inhumane, and completely unacceptable in the UNITED States (emphasis on UNITED!).

My favorite line from the movie is when Al Harrison, played by Kevin Costner, says, “Here at NASA, we all pee the same color.” This great line comes after he discovers that Katherine Johnson’s bathroom breaks have been taking 40 minutes each because the one and only “Colored Women” bathroom on the NASA compound was a half-mile away from where she was working (what a disgrace and embarrassment). An added challenge was the fact that she was not allowed to ride the vehicles designated for transporting employees from building to building solely due to the color of her skin (disgusting!). Al Harrison proceeds to passionately destroy the sign that designates that bathroom for “Colored Women Only” with a crowbar. (YESSSS!) He picks the sign up off the ground and says, “No more colored restrooms. No more white restrooms. Just plain toilets.” Then he turns to Katherine and says, “You can go wherever you damn well please. Preferably closer to your desk.” 😊 (I love this scene!!)

Here in America, we all pee the same color.

As a mother and a patriot, I want every one of my children to watch this movie and recognize the EVIL of racism and the BEAUTY of all humanity and American patriotism.

God bless America and God Bless ALL Americans. ♥️🇺🇸


extraordinary women live extraordinary lives

By Danelle Skinner, FEW Ambassador

FEW’s Core Value #11


I would say that through FEW (The Fellowship of Extraordinary Women), I have come to understand the difference between living an ordinary life and living an extraordinary life is the difference between having a true relationship with Christ or not.

It’s choosing to agree to follow Him even when He doesn’t spell out all the details.

It’s knowing when and where God is working in and around your life and joining Him.

The people we read about in the Bible were ordinary. Their relationship with God and His activity in their lives made them extraordinary. Let’s take Moses for example. God accomplished through Moses what Moses could not do in his own strength—and what about Peter and John? Look what was said about them in Acts 4:13, “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.

I’d say THIS is extraordinary: When people can just tell that you’ve spent time with Jesus!

God wants you to be you and let Him do through you whatever He chooses, BECAUSE in the hands of an extraordinary God an ordinary Christian can do anything.

It’s important however when discussing ordinary vs. extraordinary not to measure our lives by the world’s standards! We are living by the standards of the unseen Kingdom.

God delights in using ordinary people to accomplish His purposes. Paul said, God deliberately seeks the weak things and the despised things because, from them, He receives the greatest glory. (1 Corinthians 1:26-31) He does this because in that way everyone will know only God could have done those things!

So if you feel weak, limited or ordinary you are the best material through which an extraordinary God works.

I personally experienced this for the first time in a FEW Publications experience! I felt weak, certainly unqualified That’s for sure.

I have heard Kim say she is a word nerd and I am starting to believe I am too!

Ex·traor·di·nar·y means very unusual or remarkable; worthy of attention; notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important.

I’d say this is a true definition of our Lord. He is definitely unusual, (meaning He can do things we never could), He’s remarkable and worthy of our attention!

The first question I have if you want an extraordinary life is this: Have you given our extraordinarily remarkable God the attention He deserves? And by attention, I mean have you taken special care of your relationship with Him?

Have you given Him your …

Or the attentiveness He deserves?

Living an extraordinary life is available to us all! To access it, we simply must concentrate on MR. EXTRAORDINARY Himself! Learn His ways, give Him our ear, give special care to our relationship with Him, allow Him to fill our weakness with His strengths.

Allow Him to put his Extra on your Ordinary!

Maybe there are some areas of your life that you have done this, but maybe you have other areas you have closed off to the Lord—which means you’ve been closed off to His “extra.” His extra power to heal, to reconcile, to create opportunity out of nothing, and the list goes on.

The answer is simple. If you want an extraordinary life, then give your awareness to where and what God is doing in your life and join Him! I personally believe FEW Women are living extraordinary lives. We believe what God says about us is the truest thing about us. I have heard Kim say when a woman knows and walks in who God says she is, she is unstoppable! There is no way she can not be extraordinary when she steps into her most extraordinary identity. FEW women struggle with worth, value, and titles at times, but we have resolved that our truest selves were created in the heart of God and we are grounded in His Truth (His Word). This allows us to

  1. Know when God is speaking.
  2. Know what He is saying.
  3. Know how we will respond to His presence in our lives.

To be extraordinary you must be choose to be moldable and to remain in the hand of the Master.

Choose to be Extraordinary today!

Danelle Skinner, FEW Ambassador

be a life-long learner

FEW Core Value #7 by FEW Ambassador, Angela Reimer


To learn is to water your soul so you can grow into the person that you were meant to be. One of the most important core values of FEW is to be a lifelong learner. So what does this mean? It means that in order to become the best possible versions of ourselves we must continue to learn and we MUST be teachable. If we don’t feed and water our souls, part of who we are will wither and die and we can become ineffective tools in the Kingdom. As adults, we often get comfortable with where we are in life and don’t want to change so we unintentionally become unteachable and unreceptive to the idea of doing things differently because it’s outside of our comfort zone. Or, we can become incapable of growing because of unhealthy people or negative experiences the enemy lies on our path to stunt our growth. We need to realize that he does this because the enemy KNOWS what you will do for the Kingdom of God if you continue to grow and learn, so he does what he can to stop it.

I love to spend time gardening when I can. Last season my mother-in-law gave me some of her gardening tools to bless me. She too loves to garden and at the end of each gardening season, she would sharpen, oil and polish her tools so that they were ready to go the following spring. I was so happy when I received these tools from her because even though they were much older than the ones that I owned, they worked like new. I’d spent good money on the tools that I’d had before I received hers, but my tools were not as effective. A couple of them had even begun to rust and they were nowhere near as sharp because I’d not taken the time to care for them the way that my mother-in-law cared for hers. To prevent ourselves from becoming like dull rusty old gardening tools, we need to make sure that we keep ourselves sharp and polished by continuing to learn.

In order to be the best possible learners, we need to look to those that are the best at learning; children. In Mark 10:15 Jesus says: “I tell you with certainty, whoever doesn’t receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it.” Working with kids, one thing I noticed is that anytime anything about growing up, getting bigger or becoming stronger was mentioned they would all light up. And most of them couldn’t wait to tell you what they wanted to be when they grew up. This is because as a child the thought of your future self is so exciting, and you can’t wait to become a bigger better stronger person. So kids are eager to learn and grow. As children, we are quick to believe, as children, we know where our source of comfort comes from, and as children, we think the best of others. We as adults need to be like children. If we see the world like children, that’s when we can experience the kingdom of Heaven in your lives.

Children are often quick to believe. If you told your children that they were going to go to Disney world tomorrow they would most likely believe you. As we grow older we are faced with situations or negative people that have changed our perspective. No matter if it’s from a trusted church member that proved to be untruthful or a family member that hurt you and betrayed you. These situations chip away at our trust for the world and make this childlike characteristic eventually cease to exist. We unintentionally put our faith in our experiences rather than the truth of God’s promises. Although this is not avoidable, with God it can be reversible but we must chose to put our trust back in him even if circumstances prompt us to do otherwise.

Without faith, it is impossible to please God because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those that diligently seek him ~Hebrews 11:6 Faith is part of the learning process. We must train and teach our brains to trust God in every situation no matter the circumstances. In order to become a lifelong learner, we must always be learning how to trust God on a deeper level. In doing this we are very pleasing to him. Along with children being quick to believe, children know their source. As a child, I never had to wonder where my next meal was coming from or if I was going to have a place to sleep at night. When I was afraid I always knew that I could call on my parents to help me. Yet as an adult, I often find myself looking to my bank account or my job as indicators for my protection and provision rather than trusting that my Father is in control and will take care of me.

“Therefore I tell you do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food or your body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns. And yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even the Salmon in all its splendor was dressed like one of these. If that is how God clothes the grass of the field which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you? You of little faith? So do not worry saying “what shall we eat? Or “What shall we drink?” or “what shall we wear?” for the pagans run after all these things and your Heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” ~Matthew 6:25-33

This scripture beautifully explains the importance of this childlike characteristic – knowing your source. Part of becoming a lifelong learner is teaching yourself to put all your trust in God and to know fully that he will take care of you in all things. In addition to children being quick to believe and knowing who their source is, children also think the best of others.

One of the most beautiful examples that I have heard is the story of Dan & Nora. Dan was an 82-year old widower that had fallen into a deep depression after his wife had passed away. For 6 months he lived as a hermit inside of his house, alone. He would spend his days staring out the window not knowing how he could go on living or what life had to offer him. The only time he ventured out of the house was when he was forced to go to the grocery store for food, but he hated going. One day as he begrudgingly made a quick stop at the store, he ran into a young mom pushing her four-year-old daughter Nora in her grocery cart. When Nora saw Dan, without even thinking about it, she happily started waving at him and said. “Hi old man it’s my birthday” and she asked if she could give him a hug. At this Dan started to cry because it was the first time since his wife’s passing that he had experienced joy. This started a deep friendship between their families and now Nora goes to see him at least once a week with her mom to bring joy into this man’s life. He calls Nora his little Angel. Now, any adult (myself included) would have seen this man as he angrily shopped with a big scowl on his face and walked right past him. But not little Nora, when she looked at him, she saw “her new friend”.

“Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”~ Mark 12:31

We all can learn a lot from children like Nora, she didn’t place any judgment on Dan at all. She wasn’t worried about offending him and didn’t want anything from him other than to be his friend. When is the last time that you did this? We need to spend a lifetime teaching ourselves how to see the best in others without placing judgment on them. We need to be Jesus to them. Nora showed this man Jesus without even trying or knowing she was doing it. That’s the beauty of childlike innocence.

In conclusion, these characteristics are part of what makes children so happy, they enjoy life because they aren’t worried about anything which is what scripture tells us to do. Do you know that children laugh on an average of 400 times a day, and adults laugh around 15 times a day? We would all be much happier individuals if we could put our trust in God and stop worrying about everything! Ten years ago you couldn’t have paid me to be standing up and talking to an audience. I was so rooted in hatred and bitterness. My motto in life was “people suck”. I especially hated the church. My parents were children’s pastors and I’d spent most of my life in the church. I’d witnessed my parents slandered and verbally abused by “Christians” who had once said that they loved them, I’d personally sustained physical abuse by my own pastor and years later by a close “Christian” friend who was heavily involved in our church and looked up to. For a long time even saying the word ministry made me throw up a little bit, I was repulsed by it and had grown to believe that the word ministry was a code word for hypocrisy. But God did an amazing work in my life and I stand before you a changed woman, Why? Because I LEARNED to have a teachable heart.

One of the first defining moments that God used to backhand me with the truths that helped me grow up was when I was helping my mom cover the nursery at our church. Someone had once again bailed on her (it happened almost every week) so she turned to me for help. I did it…..begrudgingly. But I was in a perpetual state of annoyance the entire time. I was angry that “Christians” were completely devoid of integrity and kept canceling on her all the time. I was annoyed that I had to be in with the kids instead of out in the service with my husband and I kept watching the clock because I couldn’t wait to get out of there. When service was finally over, as I was cleaning up toys, a woman approached my Mom in tears, gave her a hug and told her “thank you”. My mom was caught off guard and asked what she was thanking her for and the woman proceeded to tell her through her sobs. She told my mom that she and her husband were new believers and had only been attending our church for a short time. Their son had been in the nursery with her during the brief time that they were there but had recently passed away due to a respiratory illness. This woman told my mom that up until recently her son had grown up in a Godless home. But in the time that he was in the nursery with my mom, He’d learned how to say Jesus and Bible and he had a full understanding of what those words meant. He used to sing Jesus Loves me over and over. This was because my mom had taken the time to truly show him Jesus. As soon as that woman had left the room I got up and ran to the bathroom and burst into tears. You see, I too had been in that nursery with my mom for more than a handful of the times that this little boy had been in there with her. I had played with and held that little boy in my arms on more than one occasion and instead of being Jesus to him, all I could do was watch the clock because I couldn’t wait to get out of there and go spend time with my husband. I had an opportunity and it was missed, all because I loved myself more than I loved my neighbor. Which is the exact opposite of what God tells us to do. I had become hard-hearted and unteachable because of negative past experiences and thought I had everything and everyone figured out.

That day was a wakeup call to me. I apologized to God for not realizing that I may be the only connection to Jesus that someone has, and he did not come into my life for me to hold onto him and keep him to myself. I apologized for not showing those babies love when I was in that room with them and I asked him to soften my heart and show me how to be a better person. I asked him to help me become the person that he wanted me to be. It was definitely a process because I was still a punk in a lot of areas for a while after that day. but because I had humbled myself and made that choice to be teachable. I opened up the door to knowledge and I learned how to become a better human being and a more effective tool in the Kingdom of God. I’m still a work in progress though! It took years of direction from those that are wiser than I am as well as some that were much less experienced. We don’t get to chose who God uses to teach us. It took years of listening to sermons and teachings that showed me what God said about me and took YEARS of learning how to practice forgiveness to those that wronged me and my family and realize that God loves them just as much as he loves me. But I’m not even close to done, y’all! It will take many more years of me practicing these same things for me to become who God wants me to be and for me to be able to do the things that he wants me to do. I will never stop growing but it started with a choice. I had to chose to humble myself and be teachable. Working with FEW is part of the path that God wants me to follow. I am still excited to see where he takes me on this journey, but I can tell you that I never would have gotten this far if I hadn’t been open to correction and change. I encourage all of you to make that same choice because God has HUGE plans for each one of you! Part of him helping you to achieve those plans is for YOU to have a teachable heart and humbling yourself before him. Take on these childlike characteristics, use them and try to implement them into your everyday life. We need to be lifelong learners and continue to grow not just for now, but for our future and for the future of those around us. One of the biggest inhibitors of learning and growing is resistance to change.

Changing the way we do things can be difficult, but we need to die to self and resist the devil; not change. Don’t ever allow a bad experience or negative people stunt your growth. This is the enemy’s plan because he knows how effective you will be in the Kingdom if you grow stronger as a person and in Christ. Someone somewhere needs you right now, but there will also be someone somewhere who will need a stronger version of you in the future. But you must take the time to learn how to become that person. Be teachable. Be humble. Be willing to change. Become a lifelong learner.



Angie Riemer is a wife of twenty-one years and mother of two. She lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin and loves the downtown vibes that the city emits.  She’s a former children’s pastor and is also the daughter and the granddaughter of children’s pastors. The desire to point people to Jesus runs deep in her family history. After facing many struggles and trials in her life, with God’s help, she has managed to come through happy and healthier than she’s ever been. Her passion in life is turning something old, broken and unwanted into something beautiful, desirable, and useful – just like God has done with her life.

i’ve been feeling stuck…

Do you ever just feel stuck?

Like you’re not going anywhere, and you don’t know why?

I do!
It seems in my most “stuck” times, I get bombarded with personal development posts, ads, blogs and videos. I read an article about the 5 ways to be “better” and then I see a video on the 6 things I need to do much “better” and then I open a daily devotional and hear about how I can be a way “better” Christian…GAH! I’m overwhelmed trying to get better. Sometimes it’s just too much!
Too much for my mind.
Too much for my heart.

It makes me feel more stuck. And I very much dislike feeling stuck!!

It’s all so overwhelming to sort through…
What am I not doing enough of??
What am I doing too much of??
What do I need to do get unstuck??

Certainly not read another “7 Hacks for Life’s Biggest Losers” blog.

I was talking to a friend about feeling stuck just last night…and then, (ironically) this morning, I got a devotional email that totally unstuck me! (Haha! I love irony, and God’s sense of humor.)

Thankfully, a good night’s sleep AND a super “coincidental” subject line helped me open it with hope instead of deleting it! (I don’t really believe in coincidences.) The subject line read:

“Being Stuck Isn’t a Concept God Has”

“Wow, that’s pretty funny!” I thought! It was like God was listening to my conversation last night. (Duh) He definitely got my attention. I went on to read the email and then listened to a short podcast on it…. and BOOM. Guess who got unstuck????
This girl. 
It turns out that God doesn’t see us as stuck, even when we feel stuck. That’s just not a language He speaks. He calls it being on PAUSE and says it is nothing more than an opportunity to upgrade our perspective. 
So, feeling stuck is really just an indication that we need to take a PAUSE and have a conversation with God. We need HIS perspective on what is going on… because He sees and knows ALL.
I took this sage advice and said, “God, I need an upgrade in my perspective! I’m pausing today to chat with you about what I might be needing most in my life right now.”
Then I waited. It wasn’t long before I was in my kitchen, doing kitchen-y things and He whispered to my heart:

You need a deeper revelation of my LOVE for you. 

I took another pause, and I got out my journal. I began to write down everything He brought to my mind about his love and passion for me, His Daughter. I got a deeper revelation of His Love, Friend!! Wow, what a lesson. I never would have guessed that is what I needed! I am so quick to think my stuck feelings are because I have failed to do enough of this, or done way too much of that, and as it turns out, I’ve just been needing more of His Love.
I kind of like this stuck/pause thing all of the sudden! How could I not after He poured out His Love on me today? Simply because I paused and asked Him what I really need. 
My friends, don’t let all the information that flies at you everyday overload you and make you feel like you are doing something wrong. Don’t even let feeling stuck make you feel like some kind of failure! Just take a pause, and ask the Lord what it is that you are really in need of. Ask Him what He wants to DO for you and who He wants to BE for you in the situation you are facing.
Trust me, He’ll lead you to the answer gently, because He doesn’t see you as stuck; He sees you as the object of His LOVE. 
Unstuck and LOVED!