enabling isn’t helping

Are you frequently enabling someone and then resentful about it? Are you stuck in the pattern of carrying somebody’s responsibility for them…plus your own? No one is making you do these things, no matter how strongly you are being guilted or intimidated into doing it. The good news is that the choice is yours, and you can make it today.

It is time to take care of yourself by saying NO to these energy and resource sucking enabling patterns and empower others to take care of themselves. Your “help” is not strengthening their life skills, it is crippling them, therefore it cannot be real love. (Because Love always chooses what is BEST for the other person. Not what FEELS best for the other person.) Love your people by allowing them to struggle through and find their inner strength and wisdom. Love them into discovering that they are indeed able to live their own life, think their own thoughts and solve their own problems. Love your people better because chronic enabling doesn’t actually help people. It cripples them.

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