what to do with contradiction, opposition and scrutiny

We have goals, ideas, plans, dreams….

For who we want to be.
For what we want to do.
For who we want to help.

For the life we long to live.


We believe it is possible (mostly) so we set out to make it a reality. We pray like it’s all up to God and we work like it’s all up to us (most days). We are on our way… And then…


It comes and it comes in many forms. Someone or something contradicts your dream. Or people come against you by telling you that you are the opposite of who you dream of becoming. They put you under their microscope and scrutinize you. Or maybe your finances crumble, making you doubt your ability to ever build your dream. Or you get bad news about your health that weakens your body and cripples your faith.

Or maybe you are like me, and you dreamed of helping families heal from their worst brokenness… and your own family completely crumbles.


I know opposition first-hand. I know scrutiny and I know what it is like to have every promise of God contradicted by the violent storms of life and the cruel words of people. Do you know what else I know? I know how to deal with it. And I want you to know how to, too! I DO NOT WANT YOU GIVING UP!!


First let me define it for you. Opposition is a “standing over against; the act of opposing; an attempt to check, restrain or defeat.”


So, pretty much anything that stands over you and against you to restrain you and your efforts or defeat you completely is opposition.


But it will have no power over you if you OPPOSE IT, CONTRADICT IT & SCRUTINIZE IT right back!
Watch this video to find out exactly how to deal with the opposition in your life.

To continue on to your destiny, you MUST contradict the contradiction, oppose the opposition and scrutinize the scrutiny. Whatever you do, don’t let the things you SEE or DON’T SEE stop you from pursuing the things you BELIEVE.



I wrote this because it was on my heart that some of you really needed this. It’s for you if you are wondering if the things that are opposing you and your dreams are some kind of evidence that you are on the wrong path and should give up and retreat. I say NO! The contradictions and opposition are there simply to solidify your decisions, deepen your convictions and make you STRONGER. 

Now go and take the steps I told you about in the video! Oppose the opposition, contradict the contradictions, scrutinize the scrutiny! Stand on your promises, declare the truth and remind yourself daily that what God says about you is the TRUEST thing about you!




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