happiness is not an accident



Happiness is not an accident!

It is not someone’s job (like your husband, wife, boss or kids).

It is not random.

It is not a pipe dream.

It is an art.

It is a daily and deliberate decision.

And it takes some work to attain, but it is well-worth-it work!

Are you willing to do the work to get happy? Here’s where to start:

1. Determine what it is about your life that you don’t like.

2. Do the homework you need to do to learn what skills are required to better cope with or rid of those parts of your life.

3. Practice those skills over and over again.

4. Never make excuses. Take 100% responsibility for every decision, action and word spoken.

5. Make restitution for your wrongs and forgive all who have wronged you. Find peace with God.

6. Set out to help others in some way. (Not in a codependent rescuing kind of way.) Find out what your unique contribution to the world is and as Nike says, just do it.


Now go get happy!



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