faith that moves mountains

It moves mountains.
It changes history.
It anchors us in the storms.

Did you know that you were created to believe in something greater than yourself? Yes, you were created to believe in the unseen. That’s what Faith is, by the way.

It is simply believing as fact what you haven’t yet seen.

And you were given a measure of Faith when you were created. That’s what God’s Word says about every single one of us. [Romans 12:3]

As a young Christian in my twenties, I didn’t realize that. I didn’t understand what Faith was and I didn’t believe that I had much of it. I definitely felt more fear than Faith! But something changed…

Things got worse not better. In fact, many of my fears came to pass. And when I looked around at all of my options, I discovered many times that all I really had was my Faith. So I leaned in. I believed God for something better. I believed that I could be someone better. I held Him to His Word. I believed Him to be who He says He is.

And He was.

Since those early days of living out my Faith, I have had many, many more chances to believe God again and again. And do you know what? He has never let me down.

People have let me down.
I have let myself down.
But God has never failed me. Not once.

Not only has my Faith in God sheltered me in the storms of life, but it has also been the catalyst for finding my purpose and living my passion. God said my life had a greater purpose, I believed it, pursued it and I have begun living it.

That is why I am so passionate about FAITH. And it is why Faith is a foundation of my network for women called, The Fellowship of Extraordinary Women. I believe that Women of Faith are poised to make an even greater impact on this world because we are supposed to be taking our cues from the One who knows just what this world needs.

Would you say that your faith has poised you to make a significant impact on the world? Are you relying on your faith in God to lead you to your purpose and guide you to your unique contribution to the world?

If not, why not? If so, then AWESOME! Either way, I want to encourage you in your Faith with this – Extraordinary women move mountains by Faith.
No matter where you are today, I urge you to BELIEVE God’s Promises for your life. If you don’t know what they are, then set your heart to find out. If you do know what they are, then cling to them like your life depends on it. And watch those mountains MOVE!

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