are you one of the 20%?


You were created to do something that ONLY you can do. God has prepared a “work” that is significant, unique and specially crafted for YOU to do. He’s prepared one for me, too. He has done this amazing thing for every one of His children!

Exciting isn’t it??

Do you know what is NOT exciting? This fact: Eighty percent of people who profess faith in God NEVER DO “THE WORK” THEY WERE CREATED FOR!


I was shocked and saddened when I learned this. Of course, my first question was “Why not?” Why do so many people miss this? What goes wrong?

As I was listening to Dr. Lance Wallnau describe a concept called “Convergence,” it made complete sense.

Convergence is what happens when your…



…all come together and position you to do “the work” you were created to do.

This is NOT an overnight process, as I’m sure you can imagine. This can take years, even decades. And a lot of different things happen to us during the preparation stages leading up to Convergence. One of those stages, the most significant in my opinion, and the one relevant to this message is called, The Period of Contradiction.

Boy, do I know this one well. I bet you do, too. Here is what happens during The Period of Contradiction—

During this time, everything seems to be taking you in the opposite direction of your dreams and purpose. It is a time when instead of things coming together, they seem to be falling apart. It is a time when people, circumstances and even ourselves seem to be doing everything possible to sabotage the great work we long to do. Instead of inching closer, we seem to be drifting further and further from significance or the abilit to help someone else. This period can be marked by failure, opposition, disease, false accusations, legal problems and on and on. Suffice it to say, it is a very difficult and dark time.

And it is the SOLE reason 80% of people do not complete “the work” they were put here to do.

That is because it is during the Period of Contradiction, that 80% of people give up. They go back. They retreat. They doubt. They quit. They go back to what feels comfortable or safe or even slightly better than the difficulty they are in and the world misses out on the greatness they have inside of them.

The 20%, on the other hand— they press on! They persevere! They hope against hope! They believe and their actions reflect their belief. They press through to Convergence and they change the world in the way that they were made to. The 20% are fighters, warriors, heroes and history makers.

So, how about you? Are you one of the 20%? Maybe you’re smack-dab in the middle of your Period of Contradiction right now… Will you stay the course or will you retreat? Will you cling to the truth? Will you press on and press through? Please do! Please don’t give up. So many GREATS in history are only written and read about now because they did not shrink back when all seemed lost. They forged on… and you should, too. The world needs you to make it to Convergence and do “the work” you were created to do!

I don’t know about you, but this really challenges me. This also makes a lot of “contradictions” in my life make more sense. Ultimately, it strengthens my resolve to make it to Convergence and to do the work I was made to do! I say YES!! I will be one of the 20%!

Who’s with me?

Pressing On!



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