change your thoughts, change your life

People think that if they want to change their results in life, they should change their habits or actions. That’s actually shortsighted. And skipping some important steps! Here’s why:

Everything you do begins with what you think and how you think. Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he [in behavior…]” (AMP)

This is why the way to change your results, your outcome, your life, is to change your thinking. And the way to change your thinking (if it isn’t working for you) is to put new information in your head. If you keep thinking the same thoughts you’ve always thought then you’ll keep getting the same results you’ve always gotten. You need new information for new results.

IT’S TIME TO CHANGE WHAT YOU PUT BETWEEN YOUR EARS! You need information that tells the truth, empowers, equips and brings life. My Mentor Lynda always reminds me that what God says about me is the truest thing about me. Here’s the thing though – that only helps me if I know what God says about me! So, I have to put into my mind the things that God says about me, on purpose, on a daily basis.

So, what info are you putting into your head every day??

You need information that tells the truth, empowers, equips and brings life to replace the information that defeats, discourages and deceives you.

Think about it…what info are you putting into your head??

What words are you rolling around between your ears, over and over again??

What stories are you rehearsing over and over again??

If you are experiencing a problem, then that is your problem. Because…

Information ==> Thoughts ==> Actions (Habits, Decisions) ==> Results (Current Outcome)



The greatest gift I’ve given myself and greatest catalyst for the change in my life has been reading and listening to NEW information. Starting with the Word of God and adding many other resources, I put truth and life into my mind. I practiced thinking on it until it became a part of me. Those new thoughts led to new actions and new actions (habits) led to new levels of success in areas I wasn’t formerly successful in.

By learning about things I feared or things that I believed were impossible for me, I came to understand the things I feared. That made them less intimidating and more possible for me. This led to different, BETTER decisions which led to a more desired outcome. I now know that way to real change, the path to overcoming begins in my thoughts, not my habits. That’s why I choose to spend a good portion of my mental energy becoming aware of and choosing my thoughts wisely.

By the way… it is not enough to just become aware of negative thought patterns. Or even to try to stop thinking them. YOU MUST REPLACE THEM with positive, life-giving thoughts, and think them over and over, to undo the old, harmful thought patterns. This is where the victory lies. 

But doesn’t changing your thoughts sound a lot easier than changing your habits?

Friends, knowledge truly is power! Especially when it is life-giving truth. Go ahead, give it a whirl! Consider journaling your answers to these questions.


  1. What is one destructive or negative thought you frequently have?
  2. How does it make you feel? What does it stop you from doing?
  3. Do you want this thought to be a part of you?
  4. What NEW positive, truthful, life-giving thought can you replace it with? What does God say about this in His Word? Write out your new thought.
  5. Do you want this NEW, positive thought to be a part of you?
  6. Practice your NEW thought 7 times each day, even if you have to set an alarm on your phone!
  7. Lastly, Read Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book, Switch on Your Brain, and discover how science now proves that when the Bible says to “renew your mind daily,” it is both spiritually and physically possible!

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