down with perfectionism

It’s that time of year again… you know… Chirstmas-time. A holy time we set aside to… obsess and freak out! Wait, what?

Yep. We freak out because our house has to be perfect, our cookies have to be perfect, the gifts have to be perfect. The party MUST be perfect!!!

Blah blah blah.

Well, not this girl! Not this year! No, I have taken a major stand against perfectionism in my life and this Christmas season will be no different.

Some of the cookies will be amazing and some will be dry.
Some of the gifts will hit the mark and some will disappoint.
Not every gift is even going to get a bow on it.
I guarantee you I’ll forget something important.
And I refuse to go to every single thing I’m invited to because I will be the one who pays the price of exhaustion and falling behind.

And I’m okay with all of it! Because instead of pursuing perfection this Holiday Season, I will pursue excellence.


Excellence empowers! So first and foremost, I will choose the most excellent thing to give my energy to:

Loving people.

That’s right, I will be pursuing excellence in LOVE this Christmas. That means showing people that I love, that I love them, in the ways that they feel loved. And that might not involve a box with a bow on it at all. (But it will definitely involve cookies because food is the 6th love language!)

So who’s with me? Let’s pursue excellence in everything we do this Christmas season, NOT PERFECTION. Most of all, let’s pursue excellence in LOVE.

Now that’s the recipe for a MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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