*Meet Lisa Shimon, FEW’s Extraordinary Woman of the Month*

FEW’s Extraordinary Woman of the Month!
You will be so inspired by Lisa! She is absolutely AMAZING. I recently got to have coffee with her and her faith and success just blew me away. She is a woman I want to be around! She is fearless, passionate, driven and her gift of faith makes her absolutely extraordinary. Her deep love for God will blow you away. She is a woman after my heart!

This is Lisa dancing with her eldest son, Jordan. After getting to know Lisa, I think this picture totally encapsulates her spirit!
She also loves Harleys, what else do you need to know? Heehee!
Lisa has been extremely successful in sales and more recently has ventured out into entrepreneurship, specifically helping women, which I also love. Women in business for themselves totally inspire me and I hope they do you, as well. I knew after chatting with Lisa about her journey both in business and in life that she needed to be December’s Extraordinary Woman of the Month. Here is my interview with Lisa. Be inspired, be challenged and choose to be extraordinary!


Kim: Tell me about your occupation and family.

I have worked for Cox Media/Valpak for 14 years. I am VP of Key Accounts and have been in the top 5-10% of sales nationally for 11 years. I recently felt God calling me to venture into owning my own consulting business with Rodan Fields.
I have 4 children, two daughters and two sons, ages 33, 29, 28,and 23. I have (almost) 3 grandchildren. My newest, a little boy, is due any day. I will just say this: life goes way too fast. We are told that all the time when our children are young but we never believe it. Believe it.

Lisa’s youngest daughter, Mailey.

Mailey and Casey, Lisa’s two daughters

Lisa’s son, Spencer, on a mission trip in Guatemala

Here is Lisa with her granddaughter, Jovi. She is one HOT grandma!!

Lisa and her grandson, Lawson.
Kim: Who are two extraordinary people that have inspired you most?

I have been inspired by many people but two that stand out are Rhea Briscoe and my mother, Gloria Burchell Anderson.

In 2010, I went through a radical encounter with God that change my life forever. I longed to find a church or ministry that would feed my soul like what I encountered in Washington, D.C. during a visit with my son. God lead me to Rhea’s ministry, Snowdrop Ministries. She is spirit filled, in love with Jesus and God speaks through her. She continually challenges me to dig deeper and be obedient to the voice of God over all things in my life. Since 2010, God continues to take me deeper in His Presence and lead me lovingly to take hold of that for which He took hold of me.

My mother, angel on earth, is the most giving woman you will ever meet and one amazing mother and grandmother.

Lisa, her granddaughter and her mom.

She is and has always been there for all of us. She has taught me what it means to sacrifice for children, how to place others first and my most thankful gift, the gift of hospitality. My childhood home was always open to anyone for a night stay, a meal or a place to spend your holidays.

I have to share this story. When I was 14 my brother and his friend picked up two girls hitchhiking. He brought them home. They were in fact, runaways from Illinois.

My parents were out for the night. Knowing they would ask too many questions we hid them in our basement for the night. I kept getting up and checking on them. Early in the morning my mom got up and heard a noise in the basement. I got up quickly so that she would not panic. She found the girls and I told her the story of how Bob had brought them home. She brought the girls upstairs, made them breakfast and talked with them about how they needed to go home and that their mom was probably sick with worry. They ended up calling their mom. I don’t think I will ever forget the fact that my mom was not angry, just loving and compassionate with the girls. It is her heart and giving that I embrace today. I love it when people say, you are just like your mom.

Kim: What are your most extraordinary accomplishments?

I have accomplished many things in life but I think the most life-changing have been my current job, my children and the current road where God is taking me now.

There is nothing like being nationally recognized for your accomplishments in your job. It took me 3 years to accomplish what, if others even make it there, take 7 years to do it. I loved my clients and nothing was better than seeing my work increase the company’s sales. It provides a sense of recognition that is very fulfilling and I love teaching others how to duplicate it. God has been very faithful in taking care of my financial needs through this company.
My children, I believe are my legacy. Raising children definitely comes with challenges. They make good and bad choices. I think I have come to believe that what really matters is who they become as adults and have I given them the tools to become loving, giving, successful people. All my children are grown and I can honestly say that I love each of them for who they are. They have turned out quite well. All hard-working, not spoiled as many are today, and all are loving caring people. I remember reading a book when they were young by Ann Ortland called, “Children are Wet Cement.” This book taught me that it is how we mold them that matters. Children know love not just by time but by the quality of time with them. They only know life as they see it and life is always about them. We must be a part of their world to have a voice in that world. We need to be there for everything – say yes more when they are little and say NO more when they are teens. We tend to do the opposite. I can honestly say my heart is full when I look at my children. My son, Jordan, is in ministry in Washington, D.C., Spencer is an entrepreneur who is always inventing and has his hand in many things. I have two girls. Casey,  the eldest of all my children, lives in New York and works for three men in the entertainment world. I have been jealous of her many times because she has met some amazing people through these men. 😉 My youngest daughter, Mailey, also lives in New York. She just graduated from college and is already working on Broadway and in film. She is a costume designer and she is so good!


If these children are my only legacy I am very happy. I also know that God has His hand on their lives and I am a praying mom that the enemy can’t stand against.

Lastly, I also consider this place or road where God continues to lead me an accomplishment in my life. I feel such a sense of gratefulness for His love, His voice, His Provision. I can honestly say that I love knowing and trusting the voice of God to take me where He wants. This road of Trust and Faith has been one that God has had to transform in many places. He continues to show Himself faithful and to refine me in many ways. It is a crazy place when you can honestly say to God, “I will go anywhere you want.” It is a beautiful place completely trusting God with all that you are. I often say the beauty of the unknown in God is such a crazy good place.

One place God is currently telling me to go is in business as a  Rodan and Fields Independent Consultant. This amazing business is a vehicle for me to be a blessing to other women. As I share our amazing age-defying products, I get to help women be beautiful on the inside, too. My encounters with women are precious to me as I feel so compelled to tell women how God sees them and loves them endlessly. R+F’s slogan is ‘changing skin/changing lives‘ and that is exactly what I get to do every day.

(By the way, Lisa is my new R+F Independent Consultant and she’s about to take 10 years of this face! Woot woot!)

Kim: In your own words, what do you think it is that makes a woman extraordinary?

What makes women extraordinary is God. He makes us all extraordinary. To quote Lisa Bevere, “We have no Rival.” He loves us each uniquely. Now what we do to walk in that and KNOW that is up to us. We must diligently seek Him to know Him. I’ve learned that He has a purpose for my life and it is one of beauty. I must press on to take hold of that for which He took hold of me. There will be bumps along the way, but He tells us that if we place ourselves in His Presence seeking intimacy with Him, His provision is always there. He rewards those who diligently seek Him. He has good plans and HE LOVES ME. I am His daughter and He withholds no good thing from me. He didn’t withhold His son so why would He withhold His goodness? It took me 48 years for God to reach my heart and say, “Don’t you know that it is ME you have been looking for all these years?” Trust me, HE IS ENOUGH AND HE IS ALL.

Kim: What is something on your bucket list that you are yet to do that you consider extraordinary?


Well, I just want to go to Europe and The Holy Land and I want to walk where Jesus walked. The second would be amazing because I believe God shows up in a way we can not know unless we are where Jesus was.



Kim: What is your favorite inspirational quote or bible verse?
I have a few Bible verses. My life verse is Psalm 46:10. “Be STILL and KNOW I am God.” Be still means let go, stop striving and knowing in this verse is an intimate thing. He wants us to know Him intimately.

There is also a message that God gave me that I quote all the time. “Remove the world where you can and replace it with God.” If you want to KNOW Him you must seek him. Sometimes we have to remove a lot to allow ourselves to place ourselves to hear from God.

Kim: What kind of impact do you strive to have on other women? Why?

My heart longs to let women know how deeply they are loved by God. I know this sounds cliche but He really does. If I could unzip a woman and place in her all that God has given me I would. He heals, He is the best counselor and He is enough. He is called Mighty God, Wonderful Counselor for a reason. We just have to want Him more than the world and we have to diligently seek Him. I promise He will reveal Himself and show up in a way that will change you forever.

Kim: What is your most passionate message to women?

No matter what your life has held, your choices or those things that have happened against you, God says, I love you with an everlasting love. He whispers, I am enough and ALL you need. Trust in me, seek me and I will be your God. In my Presence is the Provision of all of life.

Satan places many lies in our heads and lies to many of us about our identity. In the Presence of God, He heals our hearts and speaks truth to redefine our identities. Actually, it is the original identity that He gave us when we were being created. Satan can have a way of placing a lie in us that we believe and live out. BUT GOD says NO. I have come that you may have LIFE and have it more abundantly. We are children of God. You are a child of God. He loves you. He has the best for you. Everything He has is yours. Just ask and seek with all you are. If you want to know Him, seek Him. I promise He will show up and He will make your life amazing.


Well, I told you that you’d love her! Lisa inspires me to take bigger leaps of faith and to trust God more deeply. She also challenges me to be all that I can be in business. I love it. How has Lisa’s story impacted you? Let me know by replying to this email.

To contact Lisa, email her at lshimon2010@gmail.com, click here for her website or call her at (262) 617-1907.

Thank you for inspiring us, Lisa. You are truly extraordinary!

I sent this to my daughter…

I am really concerned about my daughter. She’s in a relationship that is really NOT building her up. This relationship has such obvious negative effects on her that I can plainly see her make better decisions in her daily life when she spends less time with that certain person.

We talked about it the other day while we were in the car. She is starting to see the pattern, too.


As she listened and asked me questions, I told her what I tell my extraordinary FEW women, my amazing clients and my own dear friends:

We ARE powerfully and subtly influenced by the people we connect with. It is not a shove, but a constant, slight nudge. Like a slight current while you’re out on the water that can take you to the other end of the beach.

The Bible says it this way: Bad company corrupts good morals. 1 Cor. 15:33

Jim Rohn said: You will become the combined average health, attitude and income of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
This is GREAT NEWS if the 5 people closest to you are wiser and more successful than you are! But if they’re not⎯Uh ohhh…

Your reference group (your inner circle peeps) determine as much as 95% of your success and failure in life. ~Harvard study     

95 PERCENT! Who are you giving that amount of influence to??

Zig Ziglar said it simply and best:
If you want to fly with Eagles, you have to stop scratching with the Turkeys.
My daughter was made to be an EAGLE and so were you! The day after my daughter and I talked, I saw this and sent it to her. I thought you should see it, too.

Maybe there are people holding you back in your life? If so, I will give you the mama-talk I gave her:

I want you to become everything God created you to be! I want the people in your life to see the good in you and the greatness in you! You have a destiny to fulfill⎯to fly like an eagle, and some turkeys are holding you back. If you choose to keep certain people in your life, your attempts at living your best life will feel like an uphill battle. I wish I could decide this for you, but the choice isn’t mine. It’s yours.

The people you are hanging out with are helping you be a lesser version or better version of yourself. Which do you think it is? Either way, you’ll become like them. Are your friends building you up or dragging you down? It matters more than you think. Choose wisely!