I sent this to my daughter…

I am really concerned about my daughter. She’s in a relationship that is really NOT building her up. This relationship has such obvious negative effects on her that I can plainly see her make better decisions in her daily life when she spends less time with that certain person.

We talked about it the other day while we were in the car. She is starting to see the pattern, too.


As she listened and asked me questions, I told her what I tell my extraordinary FEW women, my amazing clients and my own dear friends:

We ARE powerfully and subtly influenced by the people we connect with. It is not a shove, but a constant, slight nudge. Like a slight current while you’re out on the water that can take you to the other end of the beach.

The Bible says it this way: Bad company corrupts good morals. 1 Cor. 15:33

Jim Rohn said: You will become the combined average health, attitude and income of the 5 people you spend the most time with.
This is GREAT NEWS if the 5 people closest to you are wiser and more successful than you are! But if they’re not⎯Uh ohhh…

Your reference group (your inner circle peeps) determine as much as 95% of your success and failure in life. ~Harvard study     

95 PERCENT! Who are you giving that amount of influence to??

Zig Ziglar said it simply and best:
If you want to fly with Eagles, you have to stop scratching with the Turkeys.
My daughter was made to be an EAGLE and so were you! The day after my daughter and I talked, I saw this and sent it to her. I thought you should see it, too.

Maybe there are people holding you back in your life? If so, I will give you the mama-talk I gave her:

I want you to become everything God created you to be! I want the people in your life to see the good in you and the greatness in you! You have a destiny to fulfill⎯to fly like an eagle, and some turkeys are holding you back. If you choose to keep certain people in your life, your attempts at living your best life will feel like an uphill battle. I wish I could decide this for you, but the choice isn’t mine. It’s yours.

The people you are hanging out with are helping you be a lesser version or better version of yourself. Which do you think it is? Either way, you’ll become like them. Are your friends building you up or dragging you down? It matters more than you think. Choose wisely!


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