a different way to reflect on 2016

I believe that some of your gains in 2016 were a direct result of your struggles. I know mine were. Take a look at this video where I share a dream I had yesterday on 1/1/17.


Comment below and tell me what good fruit came from your struggles in 2016!




2 thoughts on “a different way to reflect on 2016”

  1. My struggle in 2016 and years before that was chronic neck pain. I cried out to God so many times and cried endlessly why? I have so many things I want to do. I felt like I was watching life and it was passing me by. I felt hopeless and worthless because of all the physical things I couldn’t do or that were a real struggle for me. I decided to change my thinking about what I couldn’t do and began to focus on what I could. I could lend an empathetic ear to someone having a difficult day, I could go into work with a big smile on my face and build relationships with patrons and co-workers and be a light in spite of the darkness I felt inside. I helped my daughter when she was hurt; putting her pain before mine. Then in March I felt my prayers to God had been answered. I was given an opportunity to have a disc replacement ( I had 3 herniated discs ) in my neck. It has been nearly 10 months since my surgery, and I have experienced much improvement and sometimes still have to remind myself hey, I can do that!! I have hard days on occasion and on those days I still give thanks because I do not have pain 24/7 anymore. I saw my doctor in the grocery store just before Christmas and thanked him again for all he did for me and that God has gifted his hands with great surgical ability. I am so thankful to feel like myself again, and in 2017 my focus continues to be on gratitude, trust, and being thoughtful about others, my actions, words, and living my life.
    I love your ♡ Kim and am thankful we have been able to connect. Hoping we can see each other in person on 1 of my trips to Wisconsin. It’s been too long cousin. Hugs to you!


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