don’t give up on the people you love

Years ago, my sister and I were driving together as we noticed a bumper sticker that neither of us had seen before. You’ll probably remember it– it said,

“Mean People Suck.”

After laughing a little and Amen-ing the sentiment, my sister paused and said,

“Actually, it should just say, ‘People Suck’!”

Let’s be honest… people are hard; some harder than others. Chances are there are some hard people in your life right now. (There’s even a chance YOU could be someone else’s hard person.) Sometimes it is someone that is so different from us and we just can’t see eye to eye. Sometimes it is a child who is in rebellion or stubborn. Sometimes it is someone who doesn’t care as much about themselves as we do about them. Whatever the case, the struggle is real!

And when we struggle with tough relationships, it is easy to give up on someone we love.

But let’s not! Sure, there are times we must separate from destructive behavior. But there are also times when God whispers,

“Don’t give up on them. Not yet. You’ll know why later…”

Today’s #MondayMotivation challenges you to listen to that whisper. Watch this short video…


Don't give up on the people you love
Don’t give up on the people you love.

Keep your love on,



PS. If you are struggling with this, check out Danny Silk’s book, “Keep Your Love On,” or join me at February 9th’s FEW Events. Danny’s book is where I got my inspiration for FEW’s February topic: “Make and Keep Connections in Faith, Family & Business.”

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