without a vision, you will stumble

If you do not have a vision or picture in your mind for your future and destiny, you will not fulfill it. Proverbs 29:18 tells us that without a vision, people stumble all over themselves.

God gave Joseph a dream when he was very young that he would one day be leader over all. That dream became his vision and was his anchor through many terrible storms. Storms that most of us will never experience like:

○Being thrown into a pit and left to die (by his own BROTHERS!)
○Being sold as a slave in a foreign land
○Being separated from his family for many years
○Being accused of rape although completely innocent

○Being unjustly imprisoned for rape for years

Through it all, he focused on the future God promised Him that was an anchor in the storms and the vision in his mind. He continued to do the right things in spite of the wrong that was done to him…and guess what?

He went from the prison to the palace in ONE DAY. One day. And he was ready because he did right and kept the vision in front of him for YEARS before it ever happened.

How about you? Do you have a vision for your life? Has God given you any inkling about your purpose? If so, keep it in front of you -attend to what He reveals to you and keep attending to it…and you will be MOST BLESSED.



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