Heidi’s story

Here is an amazing story my friend and FEW Member, Heidi, wrote about her recent journey to wellness. Her story brought me to tears! Let me know what you think of it!!

In 2014, I separated from my husband. I had to stay married for an extra year due to a lawsuit. Once all of that was complete I was able to file for divorce. My divorce became final mid-December of 2015. I was pretty numb and closed off, not wanting to be around many people through the holidays. I made sure I created security for my daughter and started our new “normal.”

2016 was an interesting year. Throughout that year, I made choices that were based on the following theme: “How can I create the most comfortable environment for my daughter and myself?” That theme truly started earlier when I separated but I didn’t start to LIVE it until my divorce was final and I could start to breathe again.

My business year ends on June 30, so I worked the beginning of 2016 to create a big win in June. Once that was complete, I realized that I still wasn’t “satisfied” or at peace.

Working with Kim and my business mentor, I realized that the lack of satisfaction in my business and life was stemming from my lack of self-care and lack of self-belief.

While working on my self-belief with my mentor, I started to pay attention to myself. With my daughter getting older and able to be alone at times, I arranged in my schedule one night a month for myself. With my child visitation schedule, I had every Saturday open. Work or no work? Didn’t matter. I was free to completely control my own self. I was told by those closest to me, they could see almost an awakening of who I used to be. Funny, Energetic, Creative, and Driven in my business and my father told me it had been a long time since he heard me laugh (tears run here).

Then the poop hit the fan with my EX in December of 2016. All I’m going to say is that it shook my new household to the core and raised my blood pressure. So, for the second time in 3 years, I went to a doctor’s appointment with a very high BP. And for a second time, I was lectured about my BP, my weight, my allergic reactions and break outs on my face, my overall health, and what I should consider for my future. I listened and I prayed. The only person my daughter can rely on is me. No one else. Me. So, my business has a plan of action to create a future financially for my household and I implemented it. If anything happens to me, my daughter will be covered.

That left my personal health. What to do? Do I listen or do I continue to fake it?  I realized if I was my best friend, I was treating that friend horribly.


It turns out that I am truly gluten intolerant. There have been some people who weren’t supportive. To them…  I’m following a fad. I’m following some easy diet. I’m following a trend. But it is real. And if you don’t believe or support me, you are also getting eliminated.

My doctor was right. Go figure. The gluten thing had to be figured out. Do I want to go cold turkey two weeks before Christmas or go slow? Am I making excuses to really get started? I don’t want to throw out hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries, so what do I do?

 I started with a few small sacrificial steps and more importantly, an attitude of THIS IS IT. I did some reading. I talked to some close friends who are gluten-free and asked for some advice. I created a plan, and started to eliminate gluten. I took a business trip, made great food choices, planned backups for eating, and for the first time in a long time, I felt the best I ever did while traveling.

My meal planning has come easier over time. I’ve replaced gluten items with some gluten free things, and have just stopped eating other things. It hasn’t been as bad as I originally thought. I may have had some meltdowns in the grocery store and left, but thank goodness you can create a tribe around you to talk you through and give you hope.

I’ve found new food combinations, and I really love them. Of course, fresh items are key. I have always cooked at home from scratch. I just do it differently than before. Everything seems to taste better. Go figure.

Now it’s almost 5 months in my new health/eating cycles. What have I learned? It’s not as hard as you make it in your own mind.

  • Your attitude towards it makes the BIGGEST difference.
  • You must have a TRIBE. IF you don’t, create one. Your inner circle NEEDS to be tight. IT should be trimmed and do not feel bad about anyone who is eliminated.
  • If you don’t take some self-care, it will cause more damage later. If you don’t take active steps to lower your stress, it will eventually kill you.
  • Listen to your body. It is talking to you. Don’t ignore it. It’s always with you.
  • Build your Faith body. It will carry you no matter how tired, how weary, how worried, how fearful. Your faith is always with you too.
  • Self-care is my most favorite thing now and I can give back so much more because I take care of myself first.

I feel better, I’m more energetic, my blood pressure is back under control and I’ve lost weight. Most importantly, my daughter is watching all of this unfold. Who’s watching you? If you don’t know… then you need to know that there are those around you who are watching. Represent.

I’m building a future for my daughter and I’m ready to move to a level that will blow everyone else out of the water. Why? Because I am getting better EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Go ME!

Heidi Endicott
Independent Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics

5 thoughts on “Heidi’s story”

  1. Heidi, I am so thrilled that you finally found out what it was and are making the change. I too have had to make meal changes recently and I have discovered food is overrated! lol
    I also had a friend ask me – are you living to eat or eating to live?!
    You go girl! Run the race with God and you will always be a winner.

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  2. Heidi what a story how brave you are to share it. I totally understand be true to yourself and Listen to your body. Gluten intolerance is real from one who listened to her body too!! I’m proud of you Heidi and ALWAYS have been.

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    1. Congratulations!!!!!…..you’ve made it thru the storm……eventually another life plan will be preferred…..you’ve proven you can develop thru change……enjoy the ride….I love winners…..I love you…..Uncle Paul

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  3. So touching. I knew something changed for you. I could see it in your face, your eyes, a glow! I’m glad for you. Very proud of your accomplishments! ♥️


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