confidence is beautiful…

Confidence is beautiful… and confidence in what God says about you is UNBREAKABLE.
Not only is it unbreakable, it is the *secret* to being a confident woman! If I put my confidence in myself… uh-oh. No one knows better how to poke holes in me…than me! In fact, I can more easily talk myself out of being confident than into it! (Can you relate?)
Well, what if I put my confidence in who God says I am? Well then! Now we are talking! This may actually be the only way that I can be a confident woman! If I simply choose to see what He sees, believe what He believes and say what He says about me, then I think I can do this confidence thing! Here’s how:
I am weak, but He sees me as Strong.
I am flawed, but He sees me as Beautiful.
I am broken, but He sees me as Whole.
I am foolish, but He gives me Wisdom.
I am hard on myself, but He shows me Mercy.
I am guilty, but He says I’m Forgiven.
I have failed, but He says I am an Overcomer.
My thoughts are a mess, but He says I have His Mind.
My emotions are fickle, but He says I am Self-Controlled.
I’ve lived in the dark, but He says I’m a Light.
I’ve tried to hide, but He says I’m a City on a Hill.
I’ve been abandoned, but He promises to never Leave.
I’ve been stained by the world, but He says I’m Clean.
I’ve been thrown away, but He says I’m Chosen.
I’ve been rejected, but He pursues my Heart.
I’ve been despised, but He says I am LOVED.
He says I’m His Beloved, His Bride, His Righteousness and His Joy and that He won’t stop His work in me until I look just like Him! He says He loves me just the way I am but He loves me too much to leave me this way! He says I’m growing, being transformed daily and that He will make all things new!
Wow! What’s there NOT to be confident in??
If you are “in Christ,” and He is in you, then there is no reason to struggle with insecurity anymore.
It’s time to walk in our God-given confidence,
Kimberly xo!

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