is my love enough?

Is my love enough?
This is a question someone asked me recently. So what do you think? If you are loving someone with all of your strength and ability, is it enough?
This Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, LOVE Day, as I call it. (I love celebrating LOVE!) We give Valentines & candy hearts to our friends, spouses, children. It is our time to “share the love,” right? Well then, no better time for some real talk about love. Back to my opening question: Is my love enough?
Here’s the real deal with your love: It will run out.
I bet you even know (from experience) what I’m talking about! You work so hard to love, forgive, accept and get along with someone, but it just isn’t enough. Things are just NOT going as planned! Well, maybe, just maybe, it is because the only love you are accessing is your own — and human’s ability to love is limited. But…
What if you allowed God’s unlimited, unconditional love to flow through you instead?
The ONLY way to truly love others, without running out of love, is to love them the way God loves us. (And WOW, His love is insane! I mean, total acceptance, total forgiveness and total selfless sacrifice! His love is ALWAYS enough!) But to love others with this kind of love, you must first receive it for yourself. So, have you?
Have you received God’s extravagant & sacrificial love and forgiveness for yourself?
If not, how about making this Valentine’s Day the one you remember for the rest of your life? By inviting God’s Love into your heart, the Love He expressed through His Son’s sacrifice on The Cross, not only will you finally know what unconditional love feels like, but you will be able to give it away when your own love runs out.
I’m not being dramatic when I say, this Love, God’s Love, has saved my life. It has saved relationships in my life that would otherwise be non-existent. It has kept me on the path of Light and Life. This Love, in my opinion, is the best Valentine I could give you, because it is the only way you will have what you need to love your people with a love that will not run out.
“We love because He first loved us.” Or you could say it this way, we CAN love because He first loved us! Happy Valentine’s Day!
With So Much LOVE!
Kimberly XOXO

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