the week I was set FREE!

When God tells you to do something that seems crazy, just do it!

In 2010, after reading about The Feast of Tabernacles, I was invited by God to celebrate my own personal Feast of Tabernacles. I will put that in English for you– God invited me to go back to the places in my past that were painfully devastating and see them through His eyes.

It was so obvious that it was HIM when I sat at my kitchen table and wrote out a list of 8 “graves” from my past and named them — in less time than it took me to make a grocery list. Actually, God named them. I just made the list of geographical locations as they came to me and then names came next. They were places of suffering and sorrow. Places of loss and stinging betrayal.

My childhood home. The home of my abusive teenaged boyfriend. The home I moved in to with my husband as an eighteen-year-old newlywed. My mother’s grave. My son’s grave. The church that persecuted me. The business where I failed. The incredibly romantic spot where Scott asked me to be his wife… and I said no.



As I drove to each grave over the course of that life-changing week, I wasn’t afraid. I was so curious. In fact, I was full of expectation. God told me that as I revisited and remembered, He would turn my mourning into dancing. I was going grave-dancing! Not the kind the world thinks of — where you revel in someone’s death. No, it was a totally different experience. It was the kind where He took me back to the places that were meant to break me, and showed me how He used them to make me. 

It was the most odd and interesting and powerful week in my life. And I would do it all over again. I know God, my Healer, in a whole new way. I see my past and myself in a whole new way. I even see those who wounded me in a whole new way. Because I’m FREE!

Thank you, Lord, for setting me FREE!

He promises you will be FREE, too!

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. ~John 8:36

Get free with Him! XO! ~Kimberly


PS. My book, FREE! will be available on Amazon this Tuesday, July 17th, re-designed, re-edited, and re-released! Get your copy and be inspired to become FREE!



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