running did not = healthy


I was a runner but not necessarily “healthy”. Then I got hit by a car. Can you say perspective change!?! I lived with pain, tons of inflammation, prescription pain meds, limited mobility and I had to rely on others to take care of me. I knew that way of life, albeit temporary, could be a taste of my future if I didn’t tend to my temple NOW. So I made a decision to fully recover and get in the best health of my life and I’m so grateful I did! I’ve learned so much and made some simple changes one by one over time. I used to fear healthy living because it seemed restrictive and boring and honestly, I doubted my ability to be disciplined. But let me tell you, health and vitality in your body is not boring! And making wiser choices is energizing! And I didn’t do it all in one day. It’s a journey.

Now I get to help others make the shift and jump on the journey, too. I get to point people to natural solutions and a community of people who are supportive and excited! I never thought in a million years that this sugar addict, junk food junkie would be drinking green drinks, staying active, detoxing, drinking water and making sleep a priority…or helping others do the same! But when you feel like you’re 20 again, you can’t help but to share!

What are you doing to tend to your temple? How can I help?



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