God understands

I spent all of yesterday and half of Tuesday in bed. I was so sick! I haven’t been bedridden like that since I was recovering from my accident. It reminded me of the months I spent in pain and on my back until I could walk again. It reminded me of all the challenges that being laid up brought to my heart and mind. Physical pain and weakness make it so hard to stay positive and hopeful! When your body is afflicted, you become vulnerable in every way. You worry about the things you can’t get to, and you are forced to lean on others for help. You struggle with having to be strong while you feel so very weak. Your physical affliction afflicts your soul and your emotions end up in just as much pain as your body is in. The smallest things feel HUGE. You wonder when, if ever, you will feel like yourself again.
Today, my heart goes out, once again, to those who are stuck in bed or in pain for ANY reason. If that is you, then here is my message to you: God understands. God knows your struggle, He knows your pain and more importantly, He knows that you are NOT the sum of your limitations! He understands why you are struggling and He wants you to know this: You are not weak, you are not alone and you are not without hope. In Him you are STILL an Overcomer and His promise is STILL to NEVER leave you or forsake you.
Forsake means to abandon, renounce, reject or fail. He will NEVER do that to you! He will never fail you, EVER! His love, grace and strength are there for you today…and every day. And know this: No circumstance you face can overrule His promises to you; promises to give you a hope and a future! His Truth overrules the facts of your circumstances. So, please don’t stop believing today. The best is yet to come! #godunderstands #youarenotalone #believe

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