i was so jealous…

I was genuinely jealous when I saw her — and it caught me totally off guard. I was just driving along, on my way to the grocery store, and there she was—with one of the great loves of my life! I felt it first in my stomach as it sank. She looked so happy and devoted…and was clearly treated very well in return. I realized in that moment, it was pure jealousy…and it roused me to action. That was it! I decided then and there, as I watched her power through that run, making it look so easy and fun in her cute shorts and matching running shoes, that I wanted this love back in my life! It has been too long… and substitutes just won’t do for me anymore. After all, running has always been so good to me…giving me confidence, endurance, goals to achieve, increased productivity—even mental clarity and inspired ideas! Running has always, ALWAYS believed in me—sure that I could go one more mile. Running even helped me recover from being hit by a car! And have I mentioned the medals??? I love Running for all this and more. How could I not?

So last night, we were reunited. And it was better than I remembered! A cool evening 5K with NO walking breaks! Where did that come from? I should have expected that…running always was spontaneous and full of surprises. It was just us, under the moonlight; not a car or person in sight. The old feelings flooded back in and I knew I didn’t have to be jealous of “her” anymore. I am her. Welcome back, faithful love, oh, how I’ve missed you.

64622885_2528392293851575_8163757047486087168_o (1)

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