i’ve been feeling stuck…

Do you ever just feel stuck?

Like you’re not going anywhere, and you don’t know why?

I do!
It seems in my most “stuck” times, I get bombarded with personal development posts, ads, blogs and videos. I read an article about the 5 ways to be “better” and then I see a video on the 6 things I need to do much “better” and then I open a daily devotional and hear about how I can be a way “better” Christian…GAH! I’m overwhelmed trying to get better. Sometimes it’s just too much!
Too much for my mind.
Too much for my heart.

It makes me feel more stuck. And I very much dislike feeling stuck!!

It’s all so overwhelming to sort through…
What am I not doing enough of??
What am I doing too much of??
What do I need to do get unstuck??

Certainly not read another “7 Hacks for Life’s Biggest Losers” blog.

I was talking to a friend about feeling stuck just last night…and then, (ironically) this morning, I got a devotional email that totally unstuck me! (Haha! I love irony, and God’s sense of humor.)

Thankfully, a good night’s sleep AND a super “coincidental” subject line helped me open it with hope instead of deleting it! (I don’t really believe in coincidences.) The subject line read:

“Being Stuck Isn’t a Concept God Has”

“Wow, that’s pretty funny!” I thought! It was like God was listening to my conversation last night. (Duh) He definitely got my attention. I went on to read the email and then listened to a short podcast on it…. and BOOM. Guess who got unstuck????
This girl. 
It turns out that God doesn’t see us as stuck, even when we feel stuck. That’s just not a language He speaks. He calls it being on PAUSE and says it is nothing more than an opportunity to upgrade our perspective. 
So, feeling stuck is really just an indication that we need to take a PAUSE and have a conversation with God. We need HIS perspective on what is going on… because He sees and knows ALL.
I took this sage advice and said, “God, I need an upgrade in my perspective! I’m pausing today to chat with you about what I might be needing most in my life right now.”
Then I waited. It wasn’t long before I was in my kitchen, doing kitchen-y things and He whispered to my heart:

You need a deeper revelation of my LOVE for you. 

I took another pause, and I got out my journal. I began to write down everything He brought to my mind about his love and passion for me, His Daughter. I got a deeper revelation of His Love, Friend!! Wow, what a lesson. I never would have guessed that is what I needed! I am so quick to think my stuck feelings are because I have failed to do enough of this, or done way too much of that, and as it turns out, I’ve just been needing more of His Love.
I kind of like this stuck/pause thing all of the sudden! How could I not after He poured out His Love on me today? Simply because I paused and asked Him what I really need. 
My friends, don’t let all the information that flies at you everyday overload you and make you feel like you are doing something wrong. Don’t even let feeling stuck make you feel like some kind of failure! Just take a pause, and ask the Lord what it is that you are really in need of. Ask Him what He wants to DO for you and who He wants to BE for you in the situation you are facing.
Trust me, He’ll lead you to the answer gently, because He doesn’t see you as stuck; He sees you as the object of His LOVE. 
Unstuck and LOVED!

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