you were made to be this


You were made to be an advertisement. Yes. YOU. Look at what Ephesians 1:19 in The Passion Translation says! God wants you, your life, and your story to advertise HIS IMMENSE POWER to a lost and powerless world.

As I chew on this and apply it to my own life, it helps me to think of some other words for advertisement. Think marketing with me:


Now think bigger! What is the biggest commercial spot in all of TV broadcasting? That’s right. We were made to be like spiritual Superbowl commercials – to show off the greatness of our God while all the world is watching!

The thing is … we can’t be that commercial if we aren’t experiencing the immeasurable greatness of His Power in our own lives! If we aren’t even believing Him to show up in His immense power for us, how will the world know He can do it for them?


Friend, stop thinking about the reasons God can’t or won’t do mighty miracles in your life. Stop thinking He only does that for other people. Ephesians 1:19 doesn’t come with a parenthesis that reads “except for (fill in your name here).” Stop thinking your problem is too big or too hard for God. Those are His favorite ones!

Instead, start telling yourself HE WANTS TO do mighty miracles that display His immense power to this world and He created YOU to do it through! He’s going to find SOMEONE to display His power through … why not you??

Say this with me, “God wants to do mighty miracles that display His immense power and He wants to do them through me!”

Let’s take Ephesians 1:19 literally. God does.

In His Immense Power,

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