the cure for fear is … fear

Weird, right? I know. Stick with me for a second. It’ll make sense in a bit.
This is a fearful time. It’s practically tangible when you’re talking to people about what’s going on in the world right now. We are all dealing with fearful thoughts about the well-being of loved ones, sickness, quarantines, death, closing businesses, finances. the economy, and even toilet paper!
I confess I have wondered, “Where will I get toilet paper if we run out?”
All these thoughts are overwhelming and it seems to be getting worse. Businesses are closing and events are canceling. Kids are home from school. More measures are being taken every day to limit our exposure to each other to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Hold on … I need to stop here and say this: The real problem we’re dealing with right now is NOT the Pandemic. It’s Fear. Because …
Fear is fear, no matter what the circumstances.
What do I mean? I mean that it doesn’t matter so much WHAT you fear, it’s the FEAR itself that’s your problem, not the thing you’re afraid of. It could be cancer, bankruptcy, divorce, depression, or Coronavirus, and your mind and thoughts will act in the very same way. Irrational. Panicky. Unstable.
I know this. I have lived most of my life as a VERY fearful person.
In my quest to banish fear in my life (still on it by the way, because fear is a bugger!), I found many, many verses in Bible that tell me NOT to be afraid. Then I stumbled across one that says I SHOULD EMBRACE FEAR. (What?) But not just any fear … certainly not ALL fear. It says I should embrace just ONE kind of fear; the kind of fear that BANISHES all others.
The Fear of The Lord.
Proverbs 19:23 says, “The fear of the Lord leads to life, and whoever has it rests satisfied; he will not be visited by harm.” Why does it say that?
Because whatever you fear, you will bow to. Whatever you bow to, you are subject to. Would you rather be subject to FEAR and all it promises, or subject to God and all He promises?
To remove fear’s tyranny from our lives, we must fear (honor, revere, bow to) The Lord.
This is how we live without fear of anything else! FEAR is the cure for FEAR. I love how Oswald Chambers says it:
Friend, bow before The Lord today and pledge your fear, honor, reverence, and service to the One who promises you can rest satisfied and unharmed. Then encourage those around you to do the same, because “the Fear of The Lord leads to life,” and God knows we need more of that in this world!
Bowing to The Lord,

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