tips for leading yourself and others (COVID-19)

You can be an answer for the problems the people around you are facing today. Great leaders start by leading themselves first, that’s why most of these tips are about you. If you keep your tank filled, if you commit to getting better during this time, you’ll be a strong source for the ones who need you. ~Kimberly Joy Krueger


It does your mind and body a world of good. Go for a walk with family. It will bond you and promote health.
2. TALK TO GOD … A LOT ~KJK & Johonna Duckworth
God is calling us to devote time to prayer right now. Paul said to pray every manner of prayer without ceasing. Worship, petition, cry out, declare, decree and pray in the Spirit (often!) as He leads. (Ephesians 6:18)

Pray for yourself, family, community, the church, and our nation. Johonna Duckworth says to pray Proverbs 31 over your life.


Many of the things we have done for self-care in the past are not an option right now. What is? Make a new list for this season; then schedule it into your calendar.


4. FIND A BUDDY ~Maureen Hurd
Make a list of your most important objectives for this time. Then ask someone you trust to be your accountability partner. Parenting, exercise, scheduling, routine, prayer time, study time, etc., are some examples.


Create a gratitude journal. Write in it each day. Gratitude staves off discouragement and self-pity. Create a gratitude board in a central location in your home and have every family member add one thing each day.


Heidi says, “Remember – this is a NEW life we are currently creating. We are creating the future RIGHT NOW! So strive for progress, not perfection! Ask yourself these powerful questions each morning.”
#1 How can I bless others today?
#2 What can I learn today?
#3 What Income Producing Activity can I focus on today? (For my self-employed business – create one that is important for your household.)


7. QUESTIONS TO ASK (OTHERS) ~Heidi Endicott
In order to serve others well, you have to ask! First, tell them they are on your mind and then ask …
#1 Is there anything you need today?
#2 Is there anything I can pray for you today?


Being an answer means leading in a crisis. Leaders can lead from anywhere. Make a commitment to “show up” for your family, team, neighbors, and circle of influence, even if it is online or on the phone. (Serving others is also the BEST cure for discouragement.) Always show up with these three things:
#1 Authenticity – be real
#2 Empathy – be compassionate
#3 Energy – be positive and hopeful


“When the leader gets better, everyone gets better!” ~Craig Groeschel, Global Leadership Champion

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