I am all you need …

A Prophetic Poem

I am all you need.

I am the soil beneath your feet

I am the seed that springs up from beneath

I am the bud that bursts into life

I am the flower that smiles in the sun’s heat

I am the fragrance that sings in your nostils

I am the whole field of flowers … beckoning you to breathe

I am the valley that furnishes such fields

I am the majestic mountain you long to climb—

I am the climb and I am the summit

I am ALL

And I am IN all

I am your Comfort and your Counsel

I am your Friend and your Father

I am your Healer and your Helper

My lifeblood flows through your veins, we are one

You are bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.

I became a man just so I could say that to you

You are the apple of my eye; safe and protected

You are the spring in my step; loved and celebrated

You are the beating of my heart; adored and accepted

I clothe you in My splendor

I crown you with My glory

I shelter you from the storm

I lift you up when you bow down

I choose you … always

I provide for you … generously

I nurture you … tenderly

I guide you … unwaveringly

I’m with you … unceasingly

I love you … completely

I am all you need.

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