about kimberly

There are only a few things you need to know about me. 

I have a big, blended family. And by big, I mean 12 kids. Seven sons and 5 daughters. And our family is growing: A son-in-law, 4 grandsons, and 1 granddaughter have joined our tribe. 

My family has been to heck and back … and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m not a fan of religion but I am a die-hard follower of Jesus. 

I founded The Fellowship of Extraordinary Women (FEW) to affirm, activate, and accelerate women in their glorious destinies.

I’m a history nerd and a patriot; I love America!

I run because punching people is frowned upon. 🙂 

I ride my Harley because it makes me feel free! 

And … I’m super stubborn, which is why I won’t stop until I love like Jesus and help bring healing to every person I can, in every way I can.


You can find out more at kimberlyjoykrueger.com.

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