hold onto God’s promises like they’re gold …

because He says they are!

I received this word from the Lord during prayer last week. It’s a word for the Esthers in His Kingdom—Those who have persevered and persisted in spite of all the opposition. Be blessed as you receive this word from our generous Father. —Kimberly

Advance. Advance. Accelerate. Accelerate. We are moving into a season of acceleration. God is rushing us. If you feel rushed, its because He is rushing you. He says, “I am moving you into a season where we make up for lost time. Not that we have wasted time, it is a Kairos moment (an opportune moment) where I am doing things more quickly. But you don’t have to feel the panic of rushing, only the enjoyment of acceleration.”

I’m seeing a picture and the Lord is saying this is NOT how I’m doing it. Picture yourself moving through a crowd—being rushed, pushing and shoving your way through. That is not that way He’s moving us. That’s not the kind of rushing He’s doing. Rather, I see us riding a really fast roller coaster. We are going over hills and dips and laughing and smiling at an incredible speed. He is accelerating us in a really fun and exciting way.

The Lord says, “You are Esthers in my Kingdom. There are platforms and opportunities opening up. Doors and divine connections opening up in this next season like never before because you have persevered and persisted. Because you have not forsaken My promises. So many people have forsaken My promises … I give them gold and they cast it aside because of emotion and lies. They cast it aside because it doesn’t feel real. Because Satan lies and says it isn’t real. But you my daughters, you have taken my gold. You have held it close to your heart. You have cried over the gold. Your tears have dropped on the gold. You have cultivated the gold. You have been down on your knees contending over the promises I have given you. You have cried out to Me. Pleaded with me. Begged Me—and now you have moved out of the place of beggar into My kingdom! You are no longer beggars.

You have begun to declare and decree My promises over your life. You have taken your place of authority in My kingdom. The place of officers in My court. You have moved out of the place of falling on your knees as a peasant, as a beggar before a benevolent King, and you now stand by My side with authority as officers of My court. You KNOW how I rule and reign. You KNOW My ways and you KNOW My laws and you now declare them not only over yourselves but over others. Because of that, My daughters, you will hold every treasure. You will see it come to pass in your life. Do not ever cast aside my gold. Be vessels of glory. I’m making you into gold.

I want to make you into billboards for My kingdom. Will you be a billboard for My kingdom? All you have to do is persevere and hold on to the golden promises I give you and do not let go until you see them come to pass. Dig your teeth in like a Rottweiler or a Pitbull. And DO NOT LET GO. These are the believers—the daughters and the sons in my kingdom who overcome in ALL things. Dig your teeth in then you will overcome in every single thing.

Each one of you has a thing. That thing that you say, ‘I don’t know if it will ever …’
YES. It WILL. If you dig your teeth in like a dog and do not let go, you will see victory in every area of your life. My Son did not die for anything less!” says the Lord.

a divine plot twist … our God’s specialty

God is going to turn this thing around.

While praying with some powerful prayer warriors about the COVID-19 Pandemic and its effects, I heard Him say: Divine plot twist.
Then He went on …
Watch for a Divine Plot Twist. I will turn this around. I am the God of the turn-around! What the enemy meant to TERRORIZE hearts, I am using to TENDERIZE hearts.
I am tenderizing hearts! Even now, I am preparing hearts and positioning the lives of my People for my Divine Purposes. I am drawing men, women, and children to ME all over this world now. I long for my children to turn to Me and return to Me. I am calling. Calling. Calling.
Don’t miss this divine plot twist. Don’t miss my Voice. You do not want to miss what is coming next! I will move among my people, I am setting them apart from the rest of the world. They will perform signs and wonders. They will walk in My Spirit like never before. I WILL be glorified in My Body and I will draw all men unto Me!
Friend, YOU are called to be a part of this and I don’t want you to miss what God has for you.
I went LIVE yesterday on Facebook with this word and more. Be encouraged! You are LOVED, Called, and Chosen.

Be strengthened. Be encouraged. Be positioned for the next season.

tips for leading yourself and others (COVID-19)

You can be an answer for the problems the people around you are facing today. Great leaders start by leading themselves first, that’s why most of these tips are about you. If you keep your tank filled, if you commit to getting better during this time, you’ll be a strong source for the ones who need you. ~Kimberly Joy Krueger


It does your mind and body a world of good. Go for a walk with family. It will bond you and promote health.
2. TALK TO GOD … A LOT ~KJK & Johonna Duckworth
God is calling us to devote time to prayer right now. Paul said to pray every manner of prayer without ceasing. Worship, petition, cry out, declare, decree and pray in the Spirit (often!) as He leads. (Ephesians 6:18)

Pray for yourself, family, community, the church, and our nation. Johonna Duckworth says to pray Proverbs 31 over your life.


Many of the things we have done for self-care in the past are not an option right now. What is? Make a new list for this season; then schedule it into your calendar.


4. FIND A BUDDY ~Maureen Hurd
Make a list of your most important objectives for this time. Then ask someone you trust to be your accountability partner. Parenting, exercise, scheduling, routine, prayer time, study time, etc., are some examples.


Create a gratitude journal. Write in it each day. Gratitude staves off discouragement and self-pity. Create a gratitude board in a central location in your home and have every family member add one thing each day.


Heidi says, “Remember – this is a NEW life we are currently creating. We are creating the future RIGHT NOW! So strive for progress, not perfection! Ask yourself these powerful questions each morning.”
#1 How can I bless others today?
#2 What can I learn today?
#3 What Income Producing Activity can I focus on today? (For my self-employed business – create one that is important for your household.)


7. QUESTIONS TO ASK (OTHERS) ~Heidi Endicott
In order to serve others well, you have to ask! First, tell them they are on your mind and then ask …
#1 Is there anything you need today?
#2 Is there anything I can pray for you today?


Being an answer means leading in a crisis. Leaders can lead from anywhere. Make a commitment to “show up” for your family, team, neighbors, and circle of influence, even if it is online or on the phone. (Serving others is also the BEST cure for discouragement.) Always show up with these three things:
#1 Authenticity – be real
#2 Empathy – be compassionate
#3 Energy – be positive and hopeful


“When the leader gets better, everyone gets better!” ~Craig Groeschel, Global Leadership Champion