i was so jealous…

I was genuinely jealous when I saw her — and it caught me totally off guard. I was just driving along, on my way to the grocery store, and there she was—with one of the great loves of my life! I felt it first in my stomach as it sank. She looked so happy and devoted…and was clearly treated very well in return. I realized in that moment, it was pure jealousy…and it roused me to action. That was it! I decided then and there, as I watched her power through that run, making it look so easy and fun in her cute shorts and matching running shoes, that I wanted this love back in my life! It has been too long… and substitutes just won’t do for me anymore. After all, running has always been so good to me…giving me confidence, endurance, goals to achieve, increased productivity—even mental clarity and inspired ideas! Running has always, ALWAYS believed in me—sure that I could go one more mile. Running even helped me recover from being hit by a car! And have I mentioned the medals??? I love Running for all this and more. How could I not?

So last night, we were reunited. And it was better than I remembered! A cool evening 5K with NO walking breaks! Where did that come from? I should have expected that…running always was spontaneous and full of surprises. It was just us, under the moonlight; not a car or person in sight. The old feelings flooded back in and I knew I didn’t have to be jealous of “her” anymore. I am her. Welcome back, faithful love, oh, how I’ve missed you.

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God understands

I spent all of yesterday and half of Tuesday in bed. I was so sick! I haven’t been bedridden like that since I was recovering from my accident. It reminded me of the months I spent in pain and on my back until I could walk again. It reminded me of all the challenges that being laid up brought to my heart and mind. Physical pain and weakness make it so hard to stay positive and hopeful! When your body is afflicted, you become vulnerable in every way. You worry about the things you can’t get to, and you are forced to lean on others for help. You struggle with having to be strong while you feel so very weak. Your physical affliction afflicts your soul and your emotions end up in just as much pain as your body is in. The smallest things feel HUGE. You wonder when, if ever, you will feel like yourself again.
Today, my heart goes out, once again, to those who are stuck in bed or in pain for ANY reason. If that is you, then here is my message to you: God understands. God knows your struggle, He knows your pain and more importantly, He knows that you are NOT the sum of your limitations! He understands why you are struggling and He wants you to know this: You are not weak, you are not alone and you are not without hope. In Him you are STILL an Overcomer and His promise is STILL to NEVER leave you or forsake you.
Forsake means to abandon, renounce, reject or fail. He will NEVER do that to you! He will never fail you, EVER! His love, grace and strength are there for you today…and every day. And know this: No circumstance you face can overrule His promises to you; promises to give you a hope and a future! His Truth overrules the facts of your circumstances. So, please don’t stop believing today. The best is yet to come! #godunderstands #youarenotalone #believe

you will never rise above the image you have of yourself…


I used to see myself as small, less than, and ordinary.

Well…actually, I saw myself as less than ordinary. After all, most ordinary people drive decent cars, own a home, have nice clothes, go on vacations, etc. I didn’t even have that. I would have really loved to just be ordinary.
But God…

(Aren’t those two of the greatest words???)

But God intervened — He began to show me that He did not make me to be less than ordinary. He didn’t even make me to be ordinary. While I was still in that boat of “less than” with the pipedream of just being like everyone else, He blew my mind by giving me a glimpse of a future *extraordinary* me.

At first I was like, “Whaaaaaaat?” when I saw my future self speaking to large crowds and writing books. At that time, I was only reading books– to my kids as a homeschooling mom. The biggest crowd I had ever “spoken” to was at my dinner table.

But I believed. Oh yeah. Destiny was sparked in my heart. Over the years, I held on to that picture of the future me and said, “God, please get me there!” I followed the path He had for me and little by little, He showed me more of that future me doing things I never thought possible.

I am constantly amazed at what I get to do for Him — When I take a step back and look at my life today, I can’t help but to think it is remarkable that a woman with no education, who was a single mom of 11 kids on welfare, with no former business experience, now owns 3 businesses, has written 9 books and publishes other people’s stories, too! It blows my mind that I get to get up and speak to rooms full of business professionals, corporate executives, educators and people in ministry — people I once longed to be like and could hardly be around because my insecurity was paralyzing.

When I say that you MUST rise above the image you have of yourself to be extraordinary, I MEAN IT. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I had not believed that I would one day be the woman God showed me I was destined to be, I would not be here doing any of these things today.

You don’t have to know how you will become extraordinary, or even when. You just have to agree with God when He says you are Chosen, Called and an Extraordinary Child of God!

Agree with Him today and your tomorrows will blow you away!

the day i was afraid to go to my little one’s school


When my family and life were falling apart, I hated going out in public. I lived in a fairly small town with a tight knit community and everyone knew our dirty laundry. There was no hiding it. Not just because of the typical small town rumor mill, but because we kind of (totally) stuck out like a sore thumb.

We lived on a main highway in a pretty dilapidated and very old farmhouse. We drove our family around in a 15 passenger van — a RED one — that was always parked in our driveway because it didn’t fit in the old, tiny garage. Nothing subtle about that. And to make us even more conspicuous, we were the only family with 11 kids AND we also had the police over for ‘visits’ on a regular basis. We were “that” family. I loathed being that family. My dream of a big, happy family had turned into a nightmare and a public spectacle.

So, you can see why I wasn’t psyched about venturing out — ESPECIALLY to school functions. That involved eye contact with hundreds of other parents and neighbors…and teachers. Ugh. I didn’t even have it in me to make eye contact with all the little kids, much less all of those adults.

I will never forget one particular evening that one of my littles had a concert at the grade school. I had worked myself up into a state of complete dread that evening. As the time to leave got closer, I scrolled through multiple scenarios in my mind that could legitimately keep me home that night… but there were none. No one was sick or bleeding and nothing was on fire… and I couldn’t bear to disappoint my excited little sweetie strictly because of my own fear and dread. As I was composing my posture by letting out one last sigh and gritting my teeth so I could ‘bear it,’ something amazing happened. On my way out the door, I heard the voice of the Lord whisper gently and ever-so-lovingly to my heart:

Don’t forget to wear your crown. 

What? My what? My crown? That’s right… He’s my Father…and… I’m His daughter. That makes me…Royalty. I am His Princess. There it was right in front of me… A truth that no cop cars or rumors or old crummy houses could change. I was a Daughter of the King!

Suddenly, I stood straighter. I stood taller. My shoulders became square instead of slouched and a new confidence came over my whole being. Heart, mind, will and emotions all got on board with this new truth as I chose to trust the words of the One who saw me for who I really was…and I was enough.

That night I went to my kids’ school — not in fear of what people thought — not as the local scandal — not ashamed. I went with boldness and confidence in who I really am because when I was afraid, I chose to trust in Him. I trusted His Word and what it says about me. And instead of shrinking back, I looked every single person I passed in those jam-packed halls in the eye…

and smiled like a Daughter of the King would. 

We will never live a life free from fear. It will sneak up on us and even try to swallow us up when we least expect it. But God gave us a will that is more powerful than our emotions. We can choose to trust in God when we are afraid. We can find our safety and security in Him in the most precarious of times. Rather than bow to the thing that is intimidating us, we can make our allegiance to God alone. We can do the thing, face the thing, fight the thing and beat the thing we are afraid of, even if we have to do it afraid…. because we Trust in Him.

my end of summer rant

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Back to school means back to routine! 

And I couldn’t be more thrilled!

I completely LOVE summer, so don’t get me wrong, but man, I loveSeptember, too! Speaking as a mom first, I have to say that summers have their downside and August can be one of the more difficult months of the year. I mean, it’s just not fun anymore! August is all about gearing up for the big shift back to school. It’s preparing to get back to structure while simultaneously trying to squeeze in the rest of our summer plans. There’s more summer fun to be had but there is also: Paperwork. Registrations. Shopping. More shopping. The dentist(?) Physicals. There are fall sports and all the necessary equipment that go with them. Then there’s the changing of the kids’ bedtimes and wake up times so that they don’t sleep through the entire first week of classes. Even the kids seem to stop having fun in August, miss seeing their friends every day, and just want school to start.
And I haven’t even begun my rant on how “soft” summer makes them! It seems like all the ground you gained last school year is gone. POOF! By August, they are so used to very little routine and no real hard core responsibility that they are about as stable as a bowl of JELLO! I mean it is literally a 3 month vacation! A 3 month vacation would make anyone soft-myself included. By August, most moms are tired of listening to their kids fight all the time and having to pick after them up or nag them to do it themselves. And then there is the perpetual lounging around while they watch Netflix or play Fortnite! I mean my kids NEVER forget an invitation to go somewhere fun, but have consistently forgotten every invitation to do their chores for the last 8 weeks! (Okay that is a slight exaggeration. They’ve remembered twice. Haha!)
Even with assigned chores and jobs, kids just have way too much free time in the summer. It is a challenge to keep their days structured; and human nature needs structure! (I include myself in that assessment.) Scott and I do our best to set limits and somewhat structure their days, but alas, I am a working mom and cannot track their every move. So, by August, I inevitably realize they are now moving at a turtle’s pace, the simplest of tasks appear to them as climbing Mt. Everest and it is virtually impossible to get them to get out of bed at a reasonable hour! You know it is summer when they protest with outrage at getting up at 8AM! “8 AM? Why so eeeeeeearly?????”

Darn you, Summer! You’ve done it again! 

Moms, can I get an ‘Amen’?
As a business owner, I have a separate beef with summer’s free spirit. Especially in Wisconsin! Our summers are so precious to us that we hang an “Out to Lunch” sign in June and don’t remove it until September! It is difficult to make time to connect, to keep people on task and focused, and even harder to get anyone to commit to anything! If you’ve reached out to someone in the summer, you may not even hear back from them until early September! Hence, why I am thrilled to welcome September. September just changes things. It’s as if the world is set right again…simply by the flip of the calendar.
Okay, maybe I’ve exaggerated a tad, but I have truly seen problems solved and things fall in to place that have been teetering on the edge all summer, just because school is back in! Schedules are instantly structured, moms with kids at home have less to juggle (for a few hours a day anyway), and as we put our beach chairs away, we somehow mentally get back “to business”. We even get back on track with our eating and exercise! You know it’s true! And since it is a real thing, I have learned to embrace this September shift and take FULL advantage of it! Back to school time is a GREAT time for a fresh start! I will be refocusing my goals, re-ordering my time, and taking total advantage of a QUIET HOUSE.
Ahhhhhh a quiet house. I just love the ring that has to it! (Quiet house, you and I have some much needed alone time on the way!)
Today is truly a new day, a new beginning, and an opportunity for new intentions and a new focus…that can lead to new RESULTS. And there are some real results I want this fall! And this winter. And next spring. And everything I do during THIS season will determine whether or not I get them.
What kind of results do you want in your life? Are they in your business? Your health? Your finances? Your relationships? Whatever it is that you desire to change or achieve, you can do it by taking advantage of the new season set before you TODAY. You can refocus and set new goals. Whatever you do, don’t try to step into this new season with one foot, while the other foot is in the chaos of the last one. Jump in with both feet! Take that class. Make those calls. Set those appointments. Commit to your health. Go for that promotion. Host that event. Sell that house. Launch that new program! Jump in today.
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Happy Back to School Day! (Isn’t it though?!),

running did not = healthy


I was a runner but not necessarily “healthy”. Then I got hit by a car. Can you say perspective change!?! I lived with pain, tons of inflammation, prescription pain meds, limited mobility and I had to rely on others to take care of me. I knew that way of life, albeit temporary, could be a taste of my future if I didn’t tend to my temple NOW. So I made a decision to fully recover and get in the best health of my life and I’m so grateful I did! I’ve learned so much and made some simple changes one by one over time. I used to fear healthy living because it seemed restrictive and boring and honestly, I doubted my ability to be disciplined. But let me tell you, health and vitality in your body is not boring! And making wiser choices is energizing! And I didn’t do it all in one day. It’s a journey.

Now I get to help others make the shift and jump on the journey, too. I get to point people to natural solutions and a community of people who are supportive and excited! I never thought in a million years that this sugar addict, junk food junkie would be drinking green drinks, staying active, detoxing, drinking water and making sleep a priority…or helping others do the same! But when you feel like you’re 20 again, you can’t help but to share!

What are you doing to tend to your temple? How can I help?



leadership isn’t a position, it’s an action

There have always been highly capable female leaders! Abigail acted quickly and wisely to be a part of the solution in the middle of a big problem that her foolish husband made. By doing so, she became an answer for her whole household (saving all of their lives). She didn’t engage in a quarrel, she didn’t pout or panic, she just took wise & swift action.

Here is John Maxwell’s take on this praiseworthy woman: (taken from his “Leadership Promises” Daily Devotional)

“Then David said to Abigail: ‘Blessed is the Lord God of Israel, who sent you this day to meet me! And blessed is your advice and blessed are you, because you have kept me this day from coming to bloodshed and from avenging myself with my own hand’.” ~1 Samuel 25:32-33

“After Samuel’s death, David moved to the Wilderness of Paran. There he encountered shepherds tending the flocks of the wealthy Nabal – an insolent, rude, and contentious man who happened to be married to a beautiful, intelligent, and intuitive woman named Abigail.

When Nabal offended David, Abigail very quickly took steps to defuse a volatile situation. She gathered a feast and went out to meet David. Abigail’s decisive actions calmed David and diverted him from avenging himself on Nabal’s whole household. Regardless of her husband’s inappropriate behavior, Abigail responded forthrightly and respectfully, and God Himself soon avenged David by removing Nabal from the equation.

David knew a woman of God when he saw one, and after Nabal’s death he married Abigail. David valued Abigail’s strength and felt greatly attracted to this highly capable female leader.”

Take action today to be an answer for your household and community! 💜, Kimberly