you were made to be this


You were made to be an advertisement. Yes. YOU. Look at what Ephesians 1:19 in The Passion Translation says! God wants you, your life, and your story to advertise HIS IMMENSE POWER to a lost and powerless world.

As I chew on this and apply it to my own life, it helps me to think of some other words for advertisement. Think marketing with me:


Now think bigger! What is the biggest commercial spot in all of TV broadcasting? That’s right. We were made to be like spiritual Superbowl commercials – to show off the greatness of our God while all the world is watching!

The thing is … we can’t be that commercial if we aren’t experiencing the immeasurable greatness of His Power in our own lives! If we aren’t even believing Him to show up in His immense power for us, how will the world know He can do it for them?


Friend, stop thinking about the reasons God can’t or won’t do mighty miracles in your life. Stop thinking He only does that for other people. Ephesians 1:19 doesn’t come with a parenthesis that reads “except for (fill in your name here).” Stop thinking your problem is too big or too hard for God. Those are His favorite ones!

Instead, start telling yourself HE WANTS TO do mighty miracles that display His immense power to this world and He created YOU to do it through! He’s going to find SOMEONE to display His power through … why not you??

Say this with me, “God wants to do mighty miracles that display His immense power and He wants to do them through me!”

Let’s take Ephesians 1:19 literally. God does.

In His Immense Power,

hidden figures, profound lessons

Last night Scott and I watched the movie, “Hidden Figures” for the first time. I LOVE this story and I am blown away by these history-making women! What patriotic heroes they are!! These women helped the U.S. put the first American in orbit and subsequently, the first man on the moon! This movie beautifully displays the value of EVERY human being and especially demonstrates the importance of us acting as AMERICANS and humans, not as specific races or genders.

Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan’s stories are such profound and perfect testaments to why racism & sexism are totally unjust, inhumane, and completely unacceptable in the UNITED States (emphasis on UNITED!).

My favorite line from the movie is when Al Harrison, played by Kevin Costner, says, “Here at NASA, we all pee the same color.” This great line comes after he discovers that Katherine Johnson’s bathroom breaks have been taking 40 minutes each because the one and only “Colored Women” bathroom on the NASA compound was a half-mile away from where she was working (what a disgrace and embarrassment). An added challenge was the fact that she was not allowed to ride the vehicles designated for transporting employees from building to building solely due to the color of her skin (disgusting!). Al Harrison proceeds to passionately destroy the sign that designates that bathroom for “Colored Women Only” with a crowbar. (YESSSS!) He picks the sign up off the ground and says, “No more colored restrooms. No more white restrooms. Just plain toilets.” Then he turns to Katherine and says, “You can go wherever you damn well please. Preferably closer to your desk.” 😊 (I love this scene!!)

Here in America, we all pee the same color.

As a mother and a patriot, I want every one of my children to watch this movie and recognize the EVIL of racism and the BEAUTY of all humanity and American patriotism.

God bless America and God Bless ALL Americans. ♥️🇺🇸

extraordinary women live extraordinary lives

By Danelle Skinner, FEW Ambassador

FEW’s Core Value #11


I would say that through FEW (The Fellowship of Extraordinary Women), I have come to understand the difference between living an ordinary life and living an extraordinary life is the difference between having a true relationship with Christ or not.

It’s choosing to agree to follow Him even when He doesn’t spell out all the details.

It’s knowing when and where God is working in and around your life and joining Him.

The people we read about in the Bible were ordinary. Their relationship with God and His activity in their lives made them extraordinary. Let’s take Moses for example. God accomplished through Moses what Moses could not do in his own strength—and what about Peter and John? Look what was said about them in Acts 4:13, “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.

I’d say THIS is extraordinary: When people can just tell that you’ve spent time with Jesus!

God wants you to be you and let Him do through you whatever He chooses, BECAUSE in the hands of an extraordinary God an ordinary Christian can do anything.

It’s important however when discussing ordinary vs. extraordinary not to measure our lives by the world’s standards! We are living by the standards of the unseen Kingdom.

God delights in using ordinary people to accomplish His purposes. Paul said, God deliberately seeks the weak things and the despised things because, from them, He receives the greatest glory. (1 Corinthians 1:26-31) He does this because in that way everyone will know only God could have done those things!

So if you feel weak, limited or ordinary you are the best material through which an extraordinary God works.

I personally experienced this for the first time in a FEW Publications experience! I felt weak, certainly unqualified That’s for sure.

I have heard Kim say she is a word nerd and I am starting to believe I am too!

Ex·traor·di·nar·y means very unusual or remarkable; worthy of attention; notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important.

I’d say this is a true definition of our Lord. He is definitely unusual, (meaning He can do things we never could), He’s remarkable and worthy of our attention!

The first question I have if you want an extraordinary life is this: Have you given our extraordinarily remarkable God the attention He deserves? And by attention, I mean have you taken special care of your relationship with Him?

Have you given Him your …

Or the attentiveness He deserves?

Living an extraordinary life is available to us all! To access it, we simply must concentrate on MR. EXTRAORDINARY Himself! Learn His ways, give Him our ear, give special care to our relationship with Him, allow Him to fill our weakness with His strengths.

Allow Him to put his Extra on your Ordinary!

Maybe there are some areas of your life that you have done this, but maybe you have other areas you have closed off to the Lord—which means you’ve been closed off to His “extra.” His extra power to heal, to reconcile, to create opportunity out of nothing, and the list goes on.

The answer is simple. If you want an extraordinary life, then give your awareness to where and what God is doing in your life and join Him! I personally believe FEW Women are living extraordinary lives. We believe what God says about us is the truest thing about us. I have heard Kim say when a woman knows and walks in who God says she is, she is unstoppable! There is no way she can not be extraordinary when she steps into her most extraordinary identity. FEW women struggle with worth, value, and titles at times, but we have resolved that our truest selves were created in the heart of God and we are grounded in His Truth (His Word). This allows us to

  1. Know when God is speaking.
  2. Know what He is saying.
  3. Know how we will respond to His presence in our lives.

To be extraordinary you must be choose to be moldable and to remain in the hand of the Master.

Choose to be Extraordinary today!

Danelle Skinner, FEW Ambassador